GENERAL INFORMATION All-in-one Modified Bitumen Emulsion

All-in-One in addition to tack coat premix carpeting and seal coat guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt and concrete. All-in-One is currently being used by state DOT’s across the country. It is available in bulk and barrels. All-in-One works in all weather conditions except continuous heavy rain. All-in-One is easy to apply and has excellent work ability and setting properties and better adhesiveness with aggregates. All-in-One has so many advantages which makes it cost effective over its life cycle, specially as they reduces the frequency of maintenance.

All-in-One product ranges:-

All-in-One 0033 : strongly recommended for tack coat premix carpeting with premix seal coat, mixed seal surfacing and open graded carpeting. It has excellent work ability, setting properties and better adhesiveness with aggregates.

All-in-One is a ready to use, high performance, capable of providing a cost effective, simple and permanent solution to a variety of application including but not limited to potholes, utility cut, joint repairs, outer edge repairs, surface patches (level course), and even small overlays. All-in-One is similar in appearance and performance to good hot mix asphalt and can be utilized in any weather condition (rain or shine, hot or cold). All-in-One has an extended stockpile life while retaining excellent work ability. All-in-One requires no tack coat, can be used to patch both asphalt and concrete surfaces, and can even be applied in water! All-in-One can be opened immediately to traffic making it perfect for those inevitable “throw and go” situations. If proper installation techniques are utilized, All-in-One applications should have an equivalent or extended life expectancy in comparison to hot mix asphalt . Proper installation is the key to the longevity of any paving application and following is a brief guide to help insure the maximum performance for your All-in-One material.

All-in-One will perform best and achieve maximum longevity if the following installation procedures are followed.

Excavate entire failed pavement surface and unstable base material (including any “alligator” cracked areas).

Clean foreign debris from the area to be patched utilizing a broom or compressed air.

Compact sub-grade thoroughly to achieve a firm foundation. The preferred mode of base compaction would be a vibratory compactor plate or steel wheel roller, for small potholes, a hand tamp is acceptable.

Apply All-in-One material in maximum 2” lifts.

Compact All-in-One after each lift utilizing a vibratory compactor plate or steel wheel roller.

Final All-in-One lift should be placed approximately 1” higher than the desired finished surface level prior to compaction allowing for optimal secondary compaction as a result of traffic flow.

Utility Cut

All-in-One can be used as a permanent trench patch if proper installation procedures are followed. Similar to hot mix, a solid, unyielding base must be provided under the All-in-One material if it is expected to not settle, rut or shove. All-in-One can be placed in lifts up to 2”, with each lift receiving compaction effort. In cases where the steel wheel roller will not fit into the trench on the first lift, a plate compactor can be used. It is advisable to use the vibratory steel wheel roller on the top lift of all trenches. All-in-One can be expected to consolidate up to 40% before proper density is achieved. For a 2” deep lift, the All-in-One should be placed about 1” higher Than The Desired finished surface before compaction begins. This will insure that enough All-in-One will be forced into the trench and proper compaction will be achieved.

All-In-One - Advantages

  • The advantage of using Hi-Seal for road construction is that it is custom designed to suit aggregates spacific to a region and it is cost effective and a totally green technology.

  • The working season can be enhanced drastically as it can be used also in the rainy season.

  • It is an ideal material as an all weather binder with versatile uses for highways as well as for peripheral road carpeting and maintenance.

  • Prime Coat

    Prime coat is a perquisite for all WBM surfaces. it provides a water proof membrane which prevents water from reaching the WBM even if the bitumen cracks.

  • Tack Coat

    All-in-One fortified tack coat ensures long life of the structure. These are primarily used when applying a layer of coated material for the maintenance or repair of an existing surface.

    It may be applied by hand or machine sprayed in a thin layer that covers the entire road surface.

  • Surface Dressing

    All-in-One helps bond the chippings on the support while sealing the road surface against the ingress of water.

    All-in-One are used as a multilayer dressing and it allows roads to be opened in less than 30 min.

  • Penetration Macadam

    All-in-One premix or surface dressing is applied on the penetration macadam.

  • Soil Stabilization

    All-in-One is very effective when the requirement is to upgrade marginal aggregates or increase load bearing capacity and strengthening road bases.

  • Fog Seal

    All-in-One ensures that fog seals flow easily into cracks and holes and is therefore used to renew and increase the life span of old bituminous surfaces that has sustained damages by oxidation or dryness and have developed cracks and voids.

  • Recycling

    All-in-One proves useful; for at site ready mixes and surface recycling.

  • Road Repairs

    All-in-One finds excellent application in repairing of different kinds of cracks from hairline to split wide open types, patching of potholes and pockets on the road surface. Small quantities can be mixed by hand at site and All-in-One lends itself perfectly to the use of local aggregates, thus making it extremely versatile.


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