GENERAL INFORMATION Hi-Fix Cationic Bitumen Emulsion SS1

Hi-Fix® Emulsion SS1 is specially designed oil based bitumen emulsion with low viscosity, extended setting time and stability with cement that makes it an ideal product for Prime Coat application. It is black in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. Hi-Fix® Emulsion SS1 is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887:2004.

Typical Properties

  Hi-Fix® Emulsion SS1
1. Residue on 600 Micron IS Sieve, %Max 0.05
2. Viscosity @ 25 °C (Saybolt Viscometer), sec. 20 - 100
3. Setting Time, Hrs Less than 48
4. Binder Residue by Evaporation, % Min. 50
5. Coagulation at Low Temperature NIL


  • Superior penetration into miniature pores of sub based
  • Low temperature curing allows the binder to penetrate into sub base
  • Enhances structural strength by strongly binding loose aggregates
  • Easy to apply and hassle free
  • Prevent Revealing and Rutting
  • Environment Friendly


Hi-Fix® Emulsion SS1 is ideally suited for Prime Coating on WMM/WBM surfaces and it has the ability to penetrate 8-10 mm deep into low porous WMM surface.

Precautions To Be Taken To Ensure Best Results While Using Emulsion:

Cationic Emulsion is very user friendly material. It helps in numerous ways viz. faster execution of work, economy, safety for workforce and environment protection. However, there are some precautions to be taken while using these materials, which are listed below:


  • Use at ambient temperature
  • Roll the bitumen emulsion drums 5 times before using.
  • Use Emulsion at temperatures above 5 °C
  • Aggregate may be washed before use for superior results
  • Store unused quantities of Emulsion in air tight/closed container for subsequent use
  • Emulsion can be used on wet aggregates during rainy season
  • PH Controlled water may be added to the Emulsion for dilution@1:1, if required, for better control on
  • Spraying and penetration. Entire quantity of thus diluted Emulsion must be used immediately for Prime Coat operation only.


  • Do not store packed/ bulk Emulsion in open container/tank
  • Do not mix different type of Emulsion together
  • Do not heat Emulsion even found thick in consistency
  • Never use Emulsion when it is raining continuously
  • Do not store any quantity of diluted Emulsion
  • Do not fill loose earth in poyholes before spraying Emulsion
  • Do not spray Emulsion on a dusty surface

Recommended Rate Of Application

Type of Surfaces Viscosity of Primer @ 60 C (Centigrade) Quantity in Kg/10sqm area
1. Low Porous (WMM/WBM) 30 - 60 6 to 9
2. Medium Porous (Cement Stabilized Soil Base) 70 - 140 9 to 12
3. High Porous (Gravel Base) 250 - 500 12 to 15


Hi-Fix ® Emulsion SS1 is available in

  • Bulk
  • RC Drums 200 Kg
  • MS Drums 200 Kg
  • HDPE Drums 200 Kg


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