JAIHIND is a self finished Felt with hessian base or fibre base impregnated with special type og Bitumen, is widely used for the purpose of stopping leakage of water from the roof tops. Laying of Bitumen Felt on roof for protection and prevention of leakage or seepage is well established for many a years and is highly recommended by Govt., public and private sectors for its effectiveness. Long lasting nature and for being a cheapest method of roof treatment.


JAIHIND is available in two Grades

  1. Type -3, Grade – 1 : ISI marked as per IS : 1322/93, in rolls of 20 Metres* 1 Metr Size, having 46 Kg. minimum weight.
  2. Type -3, Grade – 2 : Conforming to IS : 1322/93, in rolls of 10 MetresxtMetr Size, having 3 7 . 1 Kg. minimum weight


  1. JAIHIND (‘TYPE – 3, Grade – 1) : This is widely used for Waterproofing on the roof made of Concrete/Corrugated Tin sheet/ Corrugated asbestors sheet/ wood etc. This is also used for waterproofing of Vehicles, Railway Coaches, Ship-decks etc.
  2. JAIHIND (Type – 3, Grade – 2): A self finished heavy duty Felt with hessian base designed for damp-proofing of underground cellars and basements.

JAIHIND is being manufactured at our Factory by a team of skilled and experienced staff. Each and every roll of JAIHIND is being released for sale after detailed checking of quality at our well equipped laboratory.

Types Of Treatment

Normal (Single Layer)

  • Primer when necessary
  • Hot applied Bitumen
  • Layer of JAI HIND
  • Hot applied Bitumen
  • Sand, grit or gravel
  • Hot applied bitumen

Heavy (Double Layer)

  • Primer when necessary
  • Hot applied Bitumen
  • Layer of JAI HIND
  • Hot applied Bitumen
  • Layer of JAI HIND
  • Sand, grit or gravel

Method Of Laying

After cleaning the surface thoroughly with wire brush, the roof and the parapet should be repaired with Cement & Sand mortar (1:4) providing the slope property towards the drain mouth in order to avoid stagnation of Water on the roof. A Coat of Bitumen Primer is to be brushed on the roof and the parapet in dried condition. When the prime-coat is properly dried JAIHIND is laid over a layer of hot bitumen. On fixing of JAIHIND, another Layer of hot Bitumen is applied and pea-sized gravel or sand is spread. For Heavy or Extra Heavy Treatments, two or three layers of JAIHIND is fixed by the same method. For getting extra benefit towards the life of Treatment, it is advisable to paint the top of Waterproofing Treatment with coloured Cold Bitumen Emulsion which will reflect direct Sunrays to a considerable extent resulting longer life of Treatment. It has got a decorative value also.

Technical Data

Characteristics Test Results Test Methods
Breaking Strength, kg
  • Wrapaway, minimum
  • Weftaway, minimum

IS 1322/1993
Pliability, mm, maximum 5 IS 1322/1993
Heat resistance at 68±2°C (3hrs.) No Drip IS 1322/1993
Pressure Head Test No Leakage IS 1322/1993
Storage Sticking at 55±2°C(18hrs.J No sticking IS 1322/1993
Water absorption. Max 2% IS 1322/1993
Bitumen content 23.0kg IS 1322/1993


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