GENERAL INFORMATION Hi-Bond Polymer Modified Bitumen / PG Grade

HI BOND polymer modified bitumen (PMB), developed in technical alliance with M/s. E.I.DuPont India Ltd. Using ‘Elvaloy’ Reactive Elastomeric TerPolymer (ETP), are being used as a means of better combating the effects. Increasing traffic volumes, vehicle loads and tyre pressures are causing accelerated degradation of our road pavements due to brittleness at lower temperatures.

PMBs are generally considered to provide prolonged life or enhanced pavement performance. In sprayed seal and interlayer (membrane) applications, polymers can greatly prolong pavement life by inhibiting reflective cracking. In dense-graded asphalt applications, PMBS are effective in reducing rutting and improving fatigue crack resistance. The higher shear resistance provided by PMBs can give beneficial effects in roundabouts, tight corners and other high stress areas. Polymers have also demonstrated the ability to prolong the life of open-graded surfacings by allowing thicker binder films, which are less prone to oxidation and tougher films that resist collection of foreign matter and dust, thus maintaining the desirable water drainage capacity of thse mixes.

We are also manufacturing Highly Modified Asphalt (HIMA) in association with Kraton Polymers.


Hi-Bond is an ideal product for wearing courses on

  • Heavy trafficked lane
  • Slopes, roundabouts, junctions
  • Industrial and multimodel platforms
  • Airport runways
  • Parking places
  • Bridges and flyovers
  • High rainfall regions.
  • It is also recommended for SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer) application

To Ensure Best Results

Recommended temperature for application

1. Mixing with aggregates 170-185°C
2. Laying 150-170°C
3. Compacting Over 140°C
4. End of compaction 110-120°C

ADVANTAGES OF HI-BOND-Elvaloy® as a bitumen modifier over other modifiers

Several modifiers have been evaluated by the CRRI in India as well as US federal highway administration for their:

  • Moistures sensitivity
  • Permanent deformation
  • High temperature characteristics
  • Low temperature characteristics

The results show that Elvaloy® has the best all round properties for bitumen modification. The key advantages of using HI-BOND-Elvaloy® modified bitumen are :
  • All grades of PMB can be produced using Hi-Bond-Elvaloy® one can produce all the grades of modified bitumen as per IRC:SP:53-2010/MORTH section 521 of IS 15462:2019 by slightly varying the doses and temperatures.
  • Excellent product stability: Binders produced using Hi-Bond--Elvaloy® have no separation problems. Thus there is no possibility of any pipeline or tank choking due to polymer separation. The reason for this is because Hi-Bond--Elvaloy® is a reactive polymer that chemically binds to the bitumen. One of the constituent of Hi-Bond--Elvaloy® is glycidyl methacrylate which contains an epoxy ring. It is the epoxy ring that chemically reacts with the asphaltenes in bitumen forming a chemical bond. Thus, once the reaction has taken place, there is no possibilities of separation of polymer from asphaltene / bitumen. Other modifiers are like sand and water where once stirring stops, settlement of modifier starts taking place.
  • Ease of use hot mix at site : Hi-Bond--Elvaloy® modified bitumen mixes are less likely to stick in trucks or other hand equipment. It is also less likely to form strings as do normal binders and other modified binders. Further unlike other modified bitumen that gives off noxious fumes due to the elevated temperatures of the mix, HI-BOND--Elvaloy® modified hot mix does not.
  • Excellent Anti stripping properties: HI-BOND-Elvaloy® modified bitumen shows excellent anti stripping properties and this has been borne out by CRRI as well. This trial was for aggregates for the NHAI EW-6 package where stripping was a major problem. Aggregate with stripping of over 10%show no stripping with HI-BOND-Elvaloy® modified bitumen. Further in the Jaipur CRRI report, aggregate with stripping values of over 25% showed no stripping.
  • High fatigue life : The goal of modifying bitumen is to provide a binder that will increase the life of the pavement testing in various research laboratories in the USA and by CRRI, conclusively prove that HI-BOND-Elvaloy® imparts the highest fatigue life to any pavement.
  • High strength to the pavement : Indirect tensile strength of the mix has been found to be the maximum for the HI-BOND--Elvaloy® modified mixes over all other modifiers amd normal bitumen.
  • Ease in compaction and laying : The use of HI-BOND--Elvaloy® as a modified ensures that the binder produced does not change the operation of the contractor, eliminating extra costs, which is not the case with other modifiers. Production of mix, laying of mix and compaction of mix continue as is with normal bitumen. With other modifiers like crumb rubber, polyethylene and synthetic rubbers viscosities increase tremendously which leads to narrower and higher temperature working windows.

Product Specification

Sl No. Characteristics Grades and Requirements
    PMB 64-10 PMB 70-10 PMB 76-10
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
(A) Tests to be carried out on Original Binder
i) Softening point (R and B). °C, Min 60 65 70
ii) Elastic recovery of half thread in ductilometer at 15 °C, percent, Min 70 70 70
iii) Flash point, COC, °C, Min 230 230 230
iv) Viscosity at 150°C, pas, Max 12 12 12
v) Complex modulus (G*) divided by Sin delta (G*/sin δ) as Min 1.0 kpa 25 mm Plate 1 mmm Gap
at 10 rad/s at a temperature, °C
64 70 76
vi) Phase Angle (8) degree, Max 75 75 75
vii) Separation, difference in softening point (R&B), °C, Max 3 3 3
viii) FRAASS breaking point, °C,, Max -10 -10 -10


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