JALNIDHI APP is a Plastomeric Modified BitUmen Waterproofing Membrane manUfactUred in a superior calendaring process by satUrating and coating a polyester carrier with a waterproofing compoUnd made of a special grade of modified bitUmen with APP Polymers. Whereas the modifiers boost the thermal, mechanical and aging characteristics of the membrane compoUnd: the non-woven SpUn-bond Polyester carrier establishes the mechanical characteristics as it performs as the reinforcement element that provides the membrane with its significant Tensile Strength, Tear Resistance, PUnctUring Resistance and Elongation Properties.

JALNIDHI APP MEMBRANE Upper and lower faces are laminated with Thermo-FUsible Polyethylene film.

Key Features

  • Superior chemical resistance to alkaline so|utions, light acidic so|utions and bacteria.
  • Superior thermal resistance Under a wide range of temperature fluctuation.
  • Absobte impermeability to water.
  • Outstanding performance at high temperature and good at low temperature.
  • Excellent adhesion to any surface.
  • Applicable for above and below grads Usages.


JALNIDHI APP MEMBRANES are Used for general and economic waterproofing purposes in applications subject to moderate mechanical stresses for a variety of waterproofing requirements, and recommended for the subseqUent applications:

  • Roofing or re-roofing for covered single layer systems, sloped and flat roofs.
  • Wet areas, swimming pools and toilets.
  • UndergroUnd strUctUres.
  • Slab on grade.


  • JALNIDHI APP MEMBRANE are installed by Using Butane torch as loose laid or fdly bonded depending on the waterproofed system design requirements.
  • The membrane rolls should be unloaded carefu||y without throwing.
  • The substrate surface should be clean, dry smooth and free from any foreign materials.
  • According to the surface conditions: the surface might be in need for a cold applied bituminous primer layer before the membrane installation.
  • The Modified BiWmen Waterproofing Membranes should be unrolled and placed in aligned position.
  • Side overlap should be from 7-10 cm, while end overlap shodd be from 10 cm.
  • For fu||y bonded systems, the membranes should be re-rolled without compromising its orientation while installation with propane torch and exposing the lower surface to the flame till the polyethylene film burns and the bituminous mass start melting, consequently creating a heat weld between the membrane and the substrate.
  • For seams welding, torching takes place from above by heating the contact line at side & end overlaps then using a trowel to create pressure at the upper membrane to the lower one while avoiding long time flame exposure on the same point.
  • For sloped roofs, the membrane should be laid from the lower edge with longikdinal direction of rolls perpendicdar to slope direction, as the side lap of the consecutive roll.
  • Should be placed above the prior one.

Jalnidhi App Membrane

Thickness mm EN 1849-1 3.4 (±5%)
Width rn EN 1848-1 1 (+1%)
Length m EN 1848-1 10 (+1%)
Straightness mm EN 1848-1 ± 10%
Softening Point (R & B) °C ASTM-D-36 150 (-2)
Penetration § 25"C amm ASTM-D-5 20 (±5)
Penetration § 60 DC amm ASTM-D-5 60 (+20)
Tensile Strength (max)
Longitudinal N/5cm EN 12311-1 800 (±20%)
Transverse N/5cm EN 12311-1 450 (±20%)
Elongation @ Break
Longitudinal % EN 12311-1 35 (±15)
Transverse % EN 12311-1 40 (±15%)
Tearing Strength (Nail-Shank)
Longitudinal N EN 12310-1 ->180
Transverse N EN 12310-1 ->220
Static Puncturing. - UNI 8202111 PS-3
Dynamic Puncturing - UNI 8202/12 -
Heat Flow "C ASTM D 5147, EN 1110 110(-10)
Cold Temperature Flexibility "C ASTM D 5147, EN 1109 Qta+2
Dimensional Stability
Longitudinal % EN 1107-1 -0.5
Transverse % EN 1107-1 0.5
Impermeability to Water 60Kpa EN 1928:2000 Absolute
Water Absorption % ASTMD-5147, UNI 82021220 Less than 0.15
Vapour Permeability µ EN 1931 50,000
Joints Tensile Strength Thermal Ageing in air N/5cm EN-12317, UNI 8202/30 Equal to membrane
(inoverat 70±2°C)   EN 1296 4 Weeks passed


All Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane should be stored in upright position in dry, flat, ventilated and away from direct sun light storage area.


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