GENERAL INFORMATION Hi-Patch Instant Road Repairing Compound

Instant, convenient, economical and durable system to repair Pot Holes

HI-PATCH is an instant repair pre-mix and ready to use material for permanent repair of pot-holes/cracks and depression on the blacktop roads and concrete surface. It is perfectly designed to withstand the extreme temperature(0 C to 60C) and heavy traffic conditions. It is modified all weather bitumen premix consists of nominal graded aggregate, chemicals, anti stripping agents and additives.

HI-PATCH is a blend of properly selected and graded aggregate, which has got several process of mineral dressing, such as sieving, pre-washing, controlled temperature hot air drying and followed by mixing with asphalt-polymer paste and special grade of treated bitumen which imparts unique performance properties to the mixture.

Salient features of HI-PATCH

  • All weather usage product. Instant repair of roads with HI-PATCH can be made in pre monsoon/during monsoon/post monsoon and wet/dampered conditions, extremes of heat(60 C+) and cold condition.
  • Instant curing/setting, partly by air-drying and party by compaction.
  • Ready for immediate use with pre-mixed aggregates(cold technology)
  • No pretreatment of repair areas is required i.e. cutting out, use of tack coat.
  • Requires simple equipment such as hand brushed, shovel and a rammer. The use of concrete mixture roller is not necessary.
  • No heating or mixing or additions to the product before or after application.

Advantages & Benefits :

  • Eliminate the need for plant & machinery at site.
  • Offer no pollution during maintenance.
  • Offer increased service life of the repaired potholes.
  • Be very fast setting as compared to other options.
  • Utilize minimum unskilled labour.
  • No traffic diversion / jam unlike conventional road repair.
  • No loss of material as it instantly bonds.
  • Leads to very little reeling, bleeding, depressing / permanent deformation.
  • Be highly resistant to stripping by water, offer high skid resistance.
  • Be highly stable at high pavement temperatures.
  • Offer no sticking / picking-up of material by vehicle tyres.

HI PATCH comes in convenient ready to use packing of 25/50 kg net HDPE bags with inside LDPE liner.

The preparation required prior to use in minimal. For optimum results, remove standing water / loose debris / dust with a brush / jute sack from the pothole. Pour HI-PATCH directly from the bag into the pothole and overfill by 10 mm to 15 mm compaction can be done with a simple hand rammer. It cures quickly enough to open to traffic immediately once compaction is completed.

Area of Application :

  • Potholes
  • Ruttings
  • Utility cuts
  • Rigid Pavements
  • Depressions / gaps & joints in bituminous / concrete openings.

How to use HI-PATCH

  • Comes in convenient ready to use packing of 25/50 kg. net HDPE bags with inside LDPE liner.
  • Preparation prior to repair is minimal. For optimum result, remove standing water / loose debris / dust / jute sack from the potholes. However, where this proved impossible repairs have always remained sustainable.
  • Pour HI-PATCH directly from the bag into the potholes and overfill by 10 mm
  • Where deep potholes are to be repaired, it is economical to first compact approximately 10 mm HI-PATCH across bottom of pothole then fill remaining cavity with adequate size of aggregate well compacted and then top with 25 mm of HI-PATCH as a final course.
  • Compaction can be done using a single hand rammer. For large repairs, using a roller shall ensure smooth even compaction. Do not use plate compactor.
  • Cores quickly enough to open traffic immediately once compaction is completed.
  • Open to traffic immediately since it does not stick to tyres.

Facts about HI-PATCH

  • HI-PATCH is available in one standard grade for repair of potholes with minimum 10 mm depth.
  • Minimum shelf life of HI-PATCH is 3 months in bags. Tightly close and re-seal party used bags for future use.
  • HI-PATCH is formulated to withstand heavy and continuous traffic impact from moment of repair for many years (test areas have been monitored in excess of 2 years so far in extreme traffic and climatic conditions without deterioration.
  • HI-PATCH has great adhesion, very minimum post compaction deformation, has no liquid / aggregate separation and remains flexible throughout quiring time that decendent on traffic, temperature etc.
  • HI-PATCH coverage – approximately 1 sq. mtr. X 20 mm per 25 kg. of mix. Density of mix is approx. 2000kg. / M3

Cost Effectiveness

  • The use of HI-PATCH results in improved efficiency and effectiveness. This saves substantially on cost and improves convenience, compared to conventional methods.
  • In making cost comparison between HI-PATCH and the conventional hot and cold patch repair materials, it would not be wise to simply compare price per tonne. For an accurate cost assessment it is necessary to make an overall comparison taking into account the equipment involved, wastage of material, man hours, traffic hold-ups and most importantly, the durability of repairs.
  • HI-PATCH uses very simple application tools and enables efficient repairs of potholes as soon as potholes is observed thereby reducing the response time and preventing further deterioration of the road/pothole.

Health & Safety :

  • Use goggles, hand gloves, gumboots and nose mask during application.
  • Do not flush HI-PATCH into sewers or other public systems.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.

Packing :

Available in 25 / 50 kg HDPE bags.

Storage :

Keep in well ventilated dry place in packed condition under shed away from heat or direct sun light to avoid harden. Stack bags up to three layers only.


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