GENERAL INFORMATION Hi-Grip Adhesive Promoters Cum Anti Stripping Agent

Long lasting roads with “HI-GRIP” – The adhesion promoters cum anti stripping agent for the asphalt industry.

Adhesion promoters cum anti stripping agent based on our amine surfactant have been used for many years to enhance the bond between bitumen and aggregate in asphalt mixtures and other mixtures and other bituminous applications.

HI-GRIP provides clear evidence that amine promoters cum anti-stripping agent fortify the bond between bitumen and aggregate over the long term, thus giving a significant improvement in the durability of asphalt throughout its life.

The addition of the small amount of HI-GRIP adhesion promoter cum anti stripping agent to the binder, at little extra cost to the formulation, means road constructors and their clients can be assured that their asphalt pavements will have increased durability over the long term, and subsequent a longer life cycle.


Heat – stable adhesion promoter cum anti stripping agent for bituminous binders

Application :

HI-GRIP is a liquid additive, specially designed for hot-mixed asphalt where good heat stability is required. HI-GRIP may be stored in hot bitumen for up to 15 days at temperatures upto 170°C without significant loss of activity


The dosage of hi-grip depends on the type of bitumen and aggregate used. Normally between 0.2 and 0.5% is added to the binder.

Physical Properties

Appearance at 20°C Brown, viscous liquid
Density at 20°C, kg/m3 960
Pour point, °C <0
Flash point, °C >100
Viscosity at 20°C, cp 2800
Viscosity at 50°C, cp 420

Note : above values are average and subject to minor variations

Total amine number 130 – 175 mg HCL / gm 232
ACID VALUE <10 mg HCL / gm 225

Handling And Storage:

HI_GRIP is delivered in steel drums (190 kg net). The product is stable for a minimum of two years in its original closed container.

Material Safty Data Sheet:

A safety data sheet is available

Handling And Storage:

T.C.NO. : TC/101/2013-14


ISSUE TO : The Executive Engineer
PWD, Burdwan, govt. of West Bengal

Sample Description:

Sample at Anti-Stripping Agent (Hi-grip)

Test Specification & Ref. Std :

Mandatory test on Anti-Stripping Agent for materials. Properties & performance No. Vide Appendix-V, MORT & H, specification 2001

Sl. Test Characteristics Unit Test Method Results Month Limits Conformity
1. Appearance (visual) % Visual Liquid Liquid/Solid Yes
2. Odour (By smelling) --- Smelling Agreeable Agreeable Yes
3. Specific Gravity at 27°C IS:1202-1978 0.95 0.86-1.03 Yes
4. Pour Point °C IS: 1448 P10 21.4 42 Max Yes
5. Flash Point (COC) °C IS: 1448 P69 222 150Min. Yes
6. Water Content (D & S) %V/V IS: 1448 P40 0.2 1.0 Max Yes
7. Solubility in Diesel (HDO) --- Annex to app. 5 Soluble Complete Yes
8. Total Base Value-Acid No. mgKOH/g ASTM D 664 251 200Min. Yes
9. Nitrogen Content-Elemental %m/m ASTM D 3228 7.22 7.0 Min. Yes
10. Stripping Value at 40°C-24h % IS:6241-1971 00 0.0 Yes
11. Under Water Coating % Annex to App 100 100Min. Yes
12. Thermal Stability at 163°C Annex to App .5 Passes To Pass Yes
13. Boiling water Test – 10 min % ASTM D 3625 100 95 Min. Yes
14. Retained Marshall Stability % Annex to app. 5 90 75Min. Yes

The submitted material anti-stripping agent confirms to the standard requirement as given in Appendix-5, table A5 Of MORTH Specs 2001.

Use in Sprayed Work

1. Additive Dosage : The dosage shall be determined depending on the nature (stripping value)of the aggregate and the size of aggregate. While the recommended minimum dose of anti-stripping agent for sprayed work is given in Table A5-2 (MORT&H) the actual dosage shall be determined in the laboratory as directed by the Engineer.

2. Mixing Procedure During Construction : The anti-stripping agent supplied in in liquid, solid, or concentrate form shall be thoroughly mixed with liquid bituminous material or with straight run bitumen. When used with straight, the correct dose of anti-stripping agent shall be mixed in a hot bitumen tank boiler.

The two constituents shall be agitated till the anti-stripping agent is thoroughly mixed. The dose of anti-stripping agent shall suitably be increased if the binder is to remain in bitumen boiler for a longer period.

Use in Premix Work

Additive Dosage : the dosage shall be determined depending on the nature (stripping value) of the aggregate and the percent voids in the mix. While the recommended minimum doses for different types of bituminous premix materials in terms of void content are given in Table A5-3 (MORT&H) the actual dosage shall be determined in the laboratory as directed by the engineer.


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